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“Sweetly offbeat”                                                    “Easily one of the best children’s albums of the year”

  1. -Miles McDonnell, You Know, for Kids                        - Phil Corless, A Family Runs through It

“Focuses on kid music themes while taking special care to craft songs for adults who still love the musical tapestries of their own childhoods.”

  1. -Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids

“Bucks the current trend of harder-edged kids’ music in favor of tuneful melodies and sweet, memorable songs.”

  1. -Nick Deysher, Singin’ in the Bathtub

“Hilarious and playful, Tobocman’s songwriting resounds with life truths in a way that little ears and parents will understand and enjoy.”

- Meg Wilson, Muses of Megret

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David Tobocman’s LEMONADE SCHOOL

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David Tobocman’s Very Helpful Songs

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versatile and his lyrics are clever without ever being corny. “Very Helpful Songs” is one of those sweet lil’ records that come out of nowhere and is one of the best children’s albums I’ve heard in a long time.

- Jeff Bogle, Out with the Kids

Great old-school kids' album... nice arrangements, ear-catching melodies. "Home" could be a song Paul Simon forgot to record! And check out the Sublime/Sugar Ray-like "Favorite Son (Every Day)" ... oughta be on a kids' show or movie soundtrack.

- Warren Truitt, Children’s Music that Rocks

What do you think about when you listen to this music video? I thought, "I'm sure going to miss when my kids outgrow children's music." That's Home, by David Tobocman. He doesn't know it yet, but he just launched a long and prestigious career writing and performing children's music. Up until now it appears he's been wasting his life composing music for films, and before that, TV shows, and before that, producing records. Having an 18-month and almost 4-year-old daughter has torqued his brain just so. His first CD, "I Count to Ten" and Other Very Helpful Songs, is worth a serious look.

- Andrew Jones, Thingamababy

(video) Tobocman's a southern California musician, and "Home" reminds me of nothing so much as the wistful songs on the soundtracks from another southern California musician, Randy Newman. The illustrations of Valerie Walsh make an excellent match. It's a great little video.

(album) Many CDs attempt to impart lessons to kids -- I know, I've heard a lot of them -- but very few do so in a totally appealing musical manner. This CD easily makes that small but distinguished list.... The songs are, for the most part, solid -- they're great melodies backed up by well-crafted instrumentation. And more than half a year after I first heard it, I'm still moved by "Home," easily one of the top kids music tracks of the year... David Tobocman's I Count to Ten and other Very Helpful Songs is a solid little album... Recommended.

- Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

“Home” is an incredibly touching song that makes me want to immediately run over and kiss my wife, hug my kids, pet my cat, not yell quite so much at my fish, and otherwise be extra grateful for the home and love that I feel blessed to have in my life.... the song is so heartwarming that it’s almost heartburning, and the beautiful video created for it, with pictures by Valerie Walsh just takes it over the top into heartmelting territory... Thankfully, the rest of David’s album is really great too...

- Eric Herman, Cool Tunes for Kids

David has blown the lid off of the steroetype of so-called "helpful" children's music with this album... The jazz element in children's music has been done many times, as well as the the idea of teaching elementary tasks through music, but David created a combination style that brings a new element of excitement to watching your children learn these concepts, because they'll learn to love music at the same time... Appeal to children? Definitely! My two children (ages 2 1/2 and 1) both danced along with me, and my son even kept the beat. The older one was also able to count along with the number song, and as I said above, picked up key words in other songs like, "brush," "jammies," "love," and more. Appeal to parents? Positively easy on the ears. Some songs are even enjoyable to listen to when not catering to my children!

- Stephanie Mondrut, Hear It, Love It, Share It

K-Man loves this CD. From the very first song, “I Count to Ten,” K-Man quite literally rocked out in his car seat... The ultimate test? G actually leaned over and turned up the volume on “Favorite Son.” And, my wife isn’t some kind of music pushover. The fact that she wanted to “turn it up,” well, it speaks volumes (pun intended)... David Tobocman is clearly a talented musician who can write a variety of styles of music. I hope that someday we’ll be listening to David Tobocman’s fifth or sixth CD.

- Todd Lieman, Life and Times of a New Dad

(Tobocman) has made one of the most refreshingly funny, cute, and touching records I’ve heard in some time... It has been playing in our house constantly since showing up in my mailbox... His voice is

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David Tobocman’s ESCALATOR

(newly released: fall 2012)

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David’s third album for children is packed with high-energy songs about the excitement of growing up. Rocking and straightforward with an emphasis on movement, Escalator

is infused with a “let’s go” spirit and true sense of fun. There’s a song about a young race car that dreams of hitting the open road and a family camper that can travel through space. All through Escalator, David presents the theme of striving and advancing, urging kids onto life’s great adventure, to “move on up” with optimism and spirit up the great big escalator and “if you’re going down, then use the stairs.”

Press and peers are talking about ESCALATOR:

    “Wildly imaginative” - Gregory Keer, Family Man Online

    “Melodically rich and endearing as a smile... Escalator is a happy, smooth, cool musical ride.”
Brady Rymer

    “... a world class musician and songwriter and the evidence is in abundance on Escalator.”
Randy Kaplan

    “Classy production. Smart lyrics. Cool tunes. David Tobocman is the real deal.”
    - Craig Taubman of
Craig ‘n Co.

    “Wonderfully upbeat... full of songs about the joys of growing up.”

    - The Simple Moms

    “Journey into the near future with David Tobocman. Your kids will like what they hear.”
Mr. Jeff 2000

    “... fun and encouraging. ABCD Diaries gives Escalator an A+...!”
ABCD Diaries

    “(The song, “Escalator”) moves forward with a propulsive energy and an infectious
    melodic line... a nifty little piece of songwriting.”

    “Impressive, down-home feel... not a weak link in the bunch... Escalator is a great example of
    kid collaboration and influence.”
Chi IL Mama

    “... positive messages, upbeat feeling... he has a knack for meeting children at their level with
    themes they can relate to.”
My Springfield Mommy

    “... harnesses the spirit of childhood, stirs up imaginations, and speaks to children with
    intelligence and respect. These are smart songs, for smart kids with curious minds.”
Kid Independent

    “... energized topics that rock on this engaging collection by a talented musician and dedicated
John Wood, Kidz Music

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